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About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka The Island Paradise

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian Ocean, is described as a Paradise on Earth and an Island of exotic beauty with warm friendly people. It is summer all round the year in sunny Sri Lanka, which, with lush greenery throughout the country and nature’s bounty from the land and the sea, makes it a land like no other.

Rural Sri Lanka still retains life styles and work activities of a by-gone era -Water Buffaloes working in rice paddies, Colorful weekly village fairs, Elephants hauling logs, men on aerial routes using rope bridges to collect Nectar from Coconut Palms and Stilt Fishing in the coastal belt of South Sri Lanka are some of the quaint scenery of the Island.

You will not miss the Sri Lankan smile… the warm friendly smile of Sri Lankan every where, who welcome visitors to the Island as guests of the country. Travel in rural Sri Lanka is an experience of traveling back in time seeing the country as it was a century or more ago.

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